Gyan Mudra, stimulates the root chakra and eases tension and depression. It helps with peace, calm and spiritual progress. It may be the most common mudra. Buddha, Christ and Mahavir are all depected doing it
Pran Mudra. This is one of my favorites. The word “Pran” means life. Pran Mudra increases vitality while reducing fatigue, it improves our assertiveness, self confidence, courage and ability to see things through. When combined with slow, conscious deep breaths, Pran Mudra is calming and can help overcome anxiety.
Shunya, or Shoonya Mudra. Helps bring you openness and spaciousness. Both of which are particularly beneficial when meditating. Also thought to help with motion sickness and vertigo. So far it hasn’t worked for me but maybe it will for you! 
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